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Becoming Visible

A fandom-centric journal.

Quills at the ready!
13 July 1987
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Aparecium (a-par-EE-see-um)
From the Latin "appareo". A spell uttered in order to make invisible ink become visible. Debuts in the Potterverse in Chapter 13 of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, "The Very Secret Diary". Hermione Granger uses it in the hopes of revealing the secrets of Tom Riddle's diary, to no avail.

Where am I?

Well, hello there. You happened to stumble upon my humble corner of the Internet that was created mostly for fandom-related things. At the moment, the Harry Potter fandom has pretty much usurped my sense of logic, not to mention any hopes at having much of a social life that isn't pixelated. However, other things will probably seep into this journal's consciousness, and I'm sure as I break it in more and more, it will become something akin to an "actual" journal (whatever that means), with day-to-day happenings ('cause, y'know, my life is so fascinating to begin with), bitching/ranting, musing, and writing (though that'll still probably be mostly fandom scribblings).

Who are you?

I like to think that I'm just your average liberal arts college student. I'm of the female persuasion. I live in a not-so-small suburban town you've probably never heard of. I'm a writer. A neurotic. An "obsessionist", as I've seen it described. A fangirl. A liberal. A snarky ass. A music lover. A dancer (more akin to spaz, in this sense). A geek. And I can make a mean batch of microwave popcorn. Amongst other things. Just ask!

Where do you stand in the Potterverse?

Seriously? That's the third thing you ask when meeting someone? Well, you, sir or madam, are made of win for that.

The Basics:

+ Presently unsure of which house I belong in exactly (a crime in this day and age, I know; if I had to wager a guess, I'd say...Ravenpuff), but respect each and every one of them.
+ Defender of Light, but utterly, incontrovertibly fascinated by the Dark (Death Eater culture, I'm looking at you!).
+ Epilogue disputer.
+ Meta enthusiast.
+ Slash and het fan.
+ Favorite pairing to read is constantly changing because I've been trying to read what I write, which, if you read below, is just about everything right now.
+ Favorite pairing to write is an amalgamation of whatever strikes my fancy and whomever's walking around inside my head.
+ Anything else you need to know? Just ask. It'll save time.

Want to be friends?

Well, hey, sure! I like meeting new people. However, I do have a couple guidelines for that: First, comment (I'd like to know how you found me). And second, SOME MATERIAL IN THIS JOURNAL WILL BE RATED "R" (AND, OCCASIONALLY, NC-17). I shall give ratings when appropriate, but, in truth, this is your warning. I take no responsibility for minors reading my material after being properly warned. Apologies for the theatrics, but...considering Eljay's policies and the law and whatnot, it needed to be said, in order to make everything clear. Other than that? It's all gravy. The only other thing I can think of is commenting on my posts every once in a while, but, I think that's more than fair.

And, being that I write fic, let me just say...

Disclaimer: Sadly, I am not Mistress of the Potterverse. That illustrious title belongs to J.K. Rowling. I'm making no money off any of any of the fiction posted within. I'm not trying to infringe on the intellectual property belonging to Ms. Rowling, Scholastic, Warner Bros. or any of the companies directly affiliated with her and the world of Harry Potter. So please, don't sue...I'm but a poor, humble college student. Emphasis on the poor.

"Order of the Phoenix" mood theme courtesy of miss_kallahan. Thank you, kindly!

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