Quills at the ready! (aparecium13) wrote,
Quills at the ready!

Public Service Announcement: Eee! Widdle!Dan, Rupert & Emma.

Bored on this night celebrating the birth of our nation? Have no fear! "Sorcerer's Stone" is on ABC Family Channel.

I'll probably watch after Quidditch starts up. Horror of horrors, I actually haven't seen it the whole way through, because whoever was putting it up on YouTube crapped out after Wood teaches Harry about Quidditch, or said, "Y'know what? Fuck this, I quit." (Srsly, lame.) I've seen CoS through OotP, but not the beginnings. Hm. I'm sure there's something Freudian there, but I'm far too lazy to analyze.

Just thought I'd give ya'll a head's up.

Happy Independence Day.

Fiction to be posted later tonight. (Hopefully.)

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