July 5th, 2008


Overdue scribblings because I can't post anything on time.

I have three assignments that I really should be working on (actually, truth be told, I was working on yours, melusinahp, but...I needed a break. Draco was making my brain cave in because he was pouting and being a right uncooperative brat), but instead, I've been messing about with a bunch of drunk!angsty!Marauders. (Don't worry, lavillanueva, no het! You can look! No Harry/Draco, but...no het!) See for yourself:

Collapse )

As always, comments are love.

Funny. I never used to like the Marauders, let alone read or write them. Look what fandom's done to me: I can't get the buggers out of my brain.

More to come of the soon.

I feel like I should be posting more than just fic in here, y'know, stuff that happens outside the realm of contemplating what the fuck happens to these characters when we walk away from the story. But I'm always working on fic. Or so it would seem.