July 1st, 2008

MoM Entrance


The following is a continuation of this.

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So, barring any contemplations from Mr. Longbottom as he makes his way from the Great Hall to the hospital wing, you'll see what happens to Ginny in the next installment. I'll warn you right now: It won't be pretty. I must say that I seem to be rather taken with this series of events. I plan on signing-up for the Dark Fest when sign-up happens in August(?) and I'm thinking this might be the backbone of a story.

Finally this evening, a bit of Remus/Sirius. I'm not feeling this as much, though it was fun to write. I don't read a lot of Marauder-era fic (although, I'm trying to rectify that), so you'll have to forgive me a bit for some liberties with characterization; the above DH-inspired stuff has me spellbound (ugh, no pun intended), so, this is I have for you, brighty18 and loveangelsiri (it's a bit subtle, but you can read into the James/Sirius thing if you squint, IMO, but maybe that's just wishful thinking).

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