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Help a girl out? Please? *Doe eyes*

Okay, I saw this on lavillanueva's eljay and thought, "What the hell?" I need to get in the habit of writing every day, and the plot bunnies I'm currently pandering to are being stubborn as my muse and I'm not writing anything I like. It's all crap. So, I figure, if I have demand for something...I'll be far more inclined to write, and (hopefully) my muse will be far more inclined to get off her ass and help me already. So, here we go:

ATTENTION: I will write a drabble/ficlet (the story ends when I feel it should end, which doesn't always happen around 100 words) for anyone who requests it. Feel free to post this meme in your own journal if your leanings are fic-related, but lurkers and voyeurs are certainly welcome! I'd appreciate a comment if you're here to read, but I obviously can't force you to do that. Request the character and/or the pair for the Harry Potter fandom (as that is my main shiny right now; however, if you see a fandom in my interests that you're a part of, you can request something from there, too) as well as a brief description of what you're looking for (angst, fluff, pr0n, etc.).

NOTE: I recently got into several pairings that I never used to read (i.e. Marauders fic, Harry/Draco, y'know, the obvious ones), so if characterization is a bit on the sketchy side, I'd appreciate any constructive criticism you can offer, being a newbie and all (yes, yes, g'wan and heckle the newbie, I can wait). Thanks much in advance.

All right, y'all. Have at it!
Tags: creative frustration, drabbles, fandom, help plz, meme

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