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Of weddings and fandom.

First, I must say that it's upsetting to find trusted encyclopedic websites with spelling/grammatical/continuity errors. Additionally, going onto the Lexicon (because, clearly, no one would have a clue what I was talking about when I say, "the Lexicon") after the legal kerfluffle with JKR is a bit unsettling. Anybody agree? Disagree? Don't care? Bueller?

Moving on.

I attended a wedding yesterday. My first for people my own age. It was an odd feeling. I found the whole shebang to be so surreal that the only things that convinced me I'd been there and not in a Salvador Dalí painting is the program in my purse, the pictures I have, and the soreness in my right foot (my date and I were pretty much the only ones out on the dance floor, and believe you me...we were barefooted dancing fools). I think the fact that I so don't have my shit together at this point in my life (supposedly on the cusp of graduating from university and entering The Real World) made me wonder at people only two years my senior getting hitched. The whole promising one's self (and everything that comes with) to another thing in the here and now, frankly, scares the hell out of me.

But. Y'know. To each their own. If they love each other and truly believe they can handle it...best of luck to 'em.

But while I was sitting there in the church, both before the ceremony started and while it was going on, I couldn't help but think about weddings in the wizarding world. (Seriously, I'm sick. I have a fever. And the only perscription...is more Potter. Christopher Walken reference, anyone?) I had to wonder what a wizarding wedding would look like. It'd differ from couple to couple, obviously, but if we're going with a "traditional" (in this sense, possibly/most-likely pure blood) union, what does that entail? Since religion in the series is, for the most part, left up to analysis, interpretation, reading between the lines, and famous allegories/archetypes by not discussing it outright in canon, what sort of beliefs do witches and wizards in the Potterverse practice? I'd imagine Muggle-borns and/or Half-bloods might be inclined to practice their parents' religion and, therefore, may very well have a marriage ceremony that reflect those beliefs. But is that kind of ritual (as well as Muggle religions in general) ruled out amongst pure bloods? In a traditional ceremony, does the phrase, "Tying the knot" apply literally, as in certain pagan marriage rites, where the hands of the newly joined couple are tied together with rope? Or, maybe, it's done with some sort of binding magic, much in the way an Unbreakable Vow is made? (Art by Makani.) Is there broom-jumping? Gah. I wonder if something like this is going to be discussed in the encyclopedia (herein referred to as "The Scottish Book", as it was in the first part of Jo's interview on Pottercast). Probably not. *Le sigh*

I also got to thinking about James & Lilly and what their wedding was like. I was listening to an old episode of Snapecast a few days ago, and the topic of marriage was broached while the Snapecasters were discussing fresh-out-of-Hogwarts!Snape and the Dark Mark. The ladies doing the discussing posed the following provocative questions: Where was Snape when James & Lilly got married? Was he getting the Dark Mark while the wedding was occurring? Did James & Lilly have a traditional wedding or did they simply go to the Ministry and quietly sign the papers, due to Voldemort and the social climate at that time?

God, I need to write/find a fic about that.

Thoughts? Opinions? Feel free to leave lengthy comments. I just love those!
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